Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011.11.01 Jason Mraz-Life Is Wonderful+You're Loved @TICC

「From what little experience I know of life the short time I've been here.

I make up that life, as we know it, is combination of our thought,

is our speech, is our believes, is our actions and our attitudes.

I think life is an inside job. How you feel inside, and how you see

yourself is how you see the world. And that's why I continue to write

song again and agin and again that say things like life is wonderful.

That's full of wonder. So that I can see that, everywhere I go .I go "wow".

But unfortunately as a writer I feel like I have to constantly forget

that. But maybe, fortunately, as humans, we have to constantly forgive

that. Maybe that's why we forget that. So that we can always be reminded

by our loved ones or we can be reminded by whatever it is that makes us

go "wow". I don't know. You are loved. Yes you are. You are loved .I know

you are. That's a good believe to have that you are loved. Somewhere

someone is thinking about you. Maybe it's your mom. Maybe it's your

teacher. Maybe it's Toca. You are love(echo).」

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